7 Muscle Building Myths that Affect your Health too


When it comes to gaining weight or simply building Lean Muscle , many myths persist. Nowadays, everyone is concern about Fitness. People use to search continuously for the latest and greatest methods to build muscle. It not only shows you a wrong direction, it can also mess with your health. There are various wrong perceptions regarding Weight Gain.

Although you may not be aware of the true facts for gaining weight, do not let those myths to mislead you. You should know the truth about how you can shed pounds safely and smartly. In this blog, we have mentioned some common Myths related to muscle gain. If you are continuously relying on those Myths, it will ruin your health also.

Let’s have a look at the Top 7 Myths about Gaining Muscle:

Muscle gain Myths:

1. If you use more Protein Supplement, you’ll Build more Muscle :

Consuming large amounts of Protein is not the only way to build large amounts of muscle. Eating a Balanced Diet help to Gain Muscle Mass. Our body produces essential Amino Acids while non-essential amino acids need to come supplymentsfrom protein in our diet. Therefore, it is true that eating adequate amounts of protein will allow the muscles to rebuild quickly and efficiently.However, an excess amount of  Protein than required can either just be burned off or stored as fat. Along with adequate protein, carbs and fats are also required to build muscle. These nutrients also provide energy for workouts and also repair the damaged tissue. So, Carbohydrates and Fats are also required along with adequate Protein for optimal Muscle Growth.

2. Time Period for Gaining Muscle is same for every Individuals:

Everyone do not gain muscle at the same time period. Some can gain faster while some other can take a longer time. Our genetics also plays an important role in Building our Physique. Three different types of muscle fibers are available, fast-twitch (IIa and IIx) and slow-twitch.  Slow-twitch fibers can withstand longer bouts of aerobic exercise as they carry more oxygen. Therefore, these fibers don’t need much carbs and fats for energy. Fast-twitch (IIb) fibers carry less oxygen and can only sustain short bursts of anaerobic activity. These fibers use glycogen for energy. Fast-twitch (IIa) have a mixture of both Slow-Twitch and Fast-Twitch. People build muscle at different rates and time period for gaining weight varies from individuals to individuals.

3. If you are a Gymmer, then you can easily Gain Muscle Mass:

This is actually quite a complex statement. You do not need to Spend Hours in the Gym to get the Muscle Growth . It has been proven that rest and refueling of myth-3muscle is actually the most beneficial part. Lifting the weights helps in Breaking down the Muscle Fibers and Tissue. However, taking rest along with balanced diet give the muscle time to recover and grow. If we don’t give them sufficient time to recover, breaking down of the same fibers occurs continuously. So,if you are putting enough time at the gym, then also take sufficient rest or you actually need to put in hours of sleep and lots of balanced foods to build the body.

4. Free Weights are a Great way to Build Muscle Mass:

We all have a misconception that free weights build more muscle. But these aren’t the only way. Although using free weights activate our muscles, this makes them more complex and burn more calories, incorporating more muscles. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean to build more muscle. So while you are looking to add some more muscle mass, make sure you incorporate both free weights and machines to practice the accurate workout to build muscle.

5. Overeat or eat all Food to Gain weight easily:

Everyone’s perception is that skinny people should eat more. But, eating in a large quantity really makes you get muscle mass. The answer is “No”. You should take myth-5balanced diet in a proper way to gain weight. Your plate should contain an adequate Quantity of Protein, Vegetables, fruit, Carbohydrates along with water. To get proper nutrition, you have to include each and every essential food in your diet. Eat frequently in a small quantity not in large in a single time. Overeating is not the way to gain weight fast. You should also take care of your health while you are aiming for gaining weight.

6. Only Non-vegetarian Diet can help you out to Gain Weight fast:

Vegetarian people think they cannot gain weight while they on a vegetarian diet. Only Non-Vegetarian Diet like Eggs, Meat can help you to Gain Weight. Actually it is not true.But it is possible to put up healthy weight while on a vegetarian diet.As a vegetarian calorie-dense food options in the form of vegetables and fruits are also available which are full of starch, whole grains and unsaturated fats. Food like Milk, Ice Cream, Soy beans, Quinoa, Pulses Cheese, Ghee, Butter, Nuts are some healthy options for vegetarian to gain weight.

7. Doing the same Workouts every day Help you to Gain Muscle Mass:

Building muscle means putting enough stress on it. If you continuously do the same exercises with the same weights in the same order, you will not get the exact result. You have to set your goal properly to Gain Weight. When you continue do the same thing over and over again, your body will develop resistant towards it. So,try to change your weights along with your routine. Your body will adapt to it if you try different things and thus gives the best outcomes.

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Gaining weight requires persistence and patience. It is grounded on SCIENCE, INTENSITY and BODY TYPE. Do not get sucked into the misconceptions and avoid causing damage your muscles or joints permanently. There are many myths regarding gaining of muscle mass and body mass. Always try the right one. The wrong perceptions can cause harm to your health. While you are focusing on your weight gain goal, keep your eyes open on your health also so that your negligence should not cause harm to your health. There are Some ayurvedic supplements for weight gain are available in India.

Hope you liked this blog. If you have any other information regarding this topic and on weight gain tips, please add in Comments.


7 Muscle Building Myths that Affect your Health too
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