A Perfect Healthy Diet Plan for Those Who Want to Gain Weight!

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Being skinny or underweight can make you feel embarrassed for most of the time. And when it comes to gain weight, most of the people consider it quite tough as an unhealthy way can effect their health. But, they are unaware of the fact that there are various healthy tips that can help in weight gain process without causing any side effect.

With these effective and easy methods they don’t need to take any chemical loaded weight gain supplements which later can give any adverse effects.


We are sharing beneficial healthy diet plans that can help you the best.

Morning Snack

It is necessary to start your morning with some healthy diet plans. So, go for a bowl of curd with fruits added in it. You can take milkshake made of banana, almond and milk. You have the option between the two.

Morning Milk Snack

You can switch to some another milkshake made of other fruits like mango, strawberry to change the taste. The fruit milk shakes are the natural weight gain supplements from your kitchen.


The physicians and doctors always suggest not to skip breakfast, either you want to gain weight or lose weight. Having breakfast is very much important.

A bowl of sprouts containing black grams or brown chickpea, green gram, with lemon, onion, tomatoes and olive oil. Or you can have Parantha with curd or butter.

If you are a non-vegetarian, you can take omelette with bread in your morning breakfast.

Avoid tea or coffee as it contains caffeine that helps to weight loss.

Mid-Morning Snack

This time you are suggested to take the bowl of fruits or dry fruits. It is good if you go for seasonal fruits. Else if you are in the office or travelling somewhere, taking roasted groundnuts can make you feel good. For non-vegetarians, taking boiled eggs as the morning snack would be good.


Add ghee to the chapattis you eat. Take sufficient amount of dal or vegetable, a bowl of curd, and salad with raw cheese make your lunch complete.


People with non-vegetarian diet plans can add fish curry, chicken or meat to their lunch plans.

Mid Afternoon Snack

Take a glass of buttermilk or green tea as an appetizer. It will help you to make your digestion better.

Evening Snack

Go with the glass of fresh fruit juice or a bowl of vegetable soup in the evening. Or you can take dry fruits, seasonal fruits or salad.

In the menu of non-veg, you can add roasted chicken, fish or seafood in the evening snack.


Take rice, chapattis with the freshly prepared daal or vegetables. Add raw cheese to your diet.

Note: It is not advisable to take curd at the night time.

For the people with non-vegetarian diet plans, adding fish, chicken, meat or seafood in the diet would be beneficial.

Before Sleeping

Take at least ½ glass of milk with the natural weight gaining products.

Note: It is to be noted that the dairy items like curd, cheese, milk, etc. with the non-vegetarian diet should be avoided. As it may result in several skin issues.

Tips That Can Help You More!                                   

Along with the diet plan, there are certain health tips that can help you to maintain a healthy physique. Here are some of them!

  • Avoid taking water just before or with the meal. Taking water before or with the diet may reduce your hunger and you will eat less.
  • To maintain a healthy and strong physique, proper exercise is necessary.
  • Relax your body muscles with a sound sleep at night.
  • Make yourself stress-free with yoga.
  • Add fibrous food in your diet that can help your stomach to digest the food well.
  • Stay away from alcohols, smoke, and narcotics. As they affect your body in a big way.
  • Add more calories to your diet than you burn. It will help you to gain weight easily.

On a Foot Note

Taking a healthy diet is necessary for a fit body. Add Accumass, a natural weight gainer in your diet that helps to accomplish the requirement for various proteins, vitamins and minerals in the body.


Accumass weight gainer is prepared with the combination of natural 18 herbs which help maintain a healthy body weight without affecting your health.

So, this is the diet plan for healthy you that you can include in your routine life to gain an accurate body weight.

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Stay happy, Stay healthy!

A Perfect Healthy Diet Plan for Those Who Want to Gain Weight!
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