Are you skinny? Here are the points to get fit.


Skinny might be in trend, but there might be thin line between being skinny and being fit. Not everyone who is skinny is healthy.  Talking about nutrition, health is the major factor that is influenced.  Here the question arises. Are we in taking nutrients optimally? Are we really fit?  What is the fun being skinny and not taking up nutrition? People from every race, size or shape require nutrition, nutrition that keeps skinny people healthy.

Some skinny people might be tormented for being slim, do they know they might be low in nutrition for their survival. On this planet the phrase “survival of the fittest” is used for biological concept.  Are you really fit to survive, skinny people?


What happens when you are too skinny?


  1. Osteoporosis- You are more likely to miss out the important nutrient that strengthens your bones that is calcium. Lack of calcium leads to weakening of bones. Hence, risk of osteoporosis.
  2. Hypomenorrhea- In women, irregular periods may lead to infertility or causing risk in pregnancy.
  3. Anaemia – Deficiency in iron may lead in decreased production of RBCs causing fatigue and pale skin.
  4. Weak immune system- you are prone to common cold, flu and other infection.
  5. Malnutrition- you lack major nutrients that help you making your body stronger.
  6. Anorexic- eating disorder causing people to eat less.
  7. Bulimia- a serious disorder led by binge eating and the purging.


How can you gain weight in healthy way?



  • Never skip breakfast: Or any meal. Skipping meals is a muscle loss.
  • Increase number of meals: Have at least 3 major meals and 3-4 short meals.
  • Consuming healthy fats: Omega-3 fatty acid found in seeds oils like chia, flax; consuming dry fruits like walnuts, almonds
  • Protein consumption: Either vegan or animal protein is necessary for building body and maintaining its strength.
  • Whole grains: In optimal quantity it is a source of vital nutrients.
  • Herbal supplement: Weight gainer supplement that has natural blend of herbs aids in weight gain.
  • Drink your calories: Either in herbal supplement or fruit smoothies. Mix your fruits with seeds and this will help you in healthy calorie intake.
  • Manage stress: Stress will lead to weight loss in an unhealthy life taking way. Shunt it from your life
  • Exercise: Aerobics, yoga, strength training, swimming or any other form of exercise is necessary for body growth.
  • Junk food-: Say a big NO to junk food. Your body is not trash bin, so don’t treat it like one.
  • Sleep: Does not sleep deprive. Have enough sleep of 7-8 hours.

last-imageTo fulfill your weight gain dream, health should be your priority.  So, stay focused on your goal, eat healthy diet, and take a good night sleep, do yoga and exercise daily. Most importantly, everything you do, do persistently. You can choose your lifestyle from skinny and unfit or slim and healthy.

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Are you skinny? Here are the points to get fit.
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2 thoughts on “Are you skinny? Here are the points to get fit.

  1. Hi,I’m Ankita, married 2 years ago .height-5’5inch and age of 23.
    I have a child .
    I am too weak and my weight is only 40 kg after my child,s birth.
    Plz help me to gain weight.

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