Ayurveda – A Simple and Natural Way to Gain Weight

Ayurveda – A-Simple-and-Natural-Way-to-Gain-Weight-BLOG

While most of the people face problem to lose their weight, there are also some who keep the desire to gain a healthy body weight. Various people feel low or less confident due to their skinny and underweight body. So, to get out of this situation it is necessary to follow such solutions which can help you maintain a good health.

For this purpose, no another choice can be better than Ayurveda. For the several years people have been using various herbs to heal various health issues. Therefore, for gaining weight naturally relying on Ayurveda will also be a good approach.

Taking healthy diet and exercise is also necessary for weight gain. So, make sure you are taking care of each and everything that is associated with healthy weigh gain.

Here are some herbs that you are excellent choice for weight gain.


Gentian :

When it comes to weight gain gentian is considered to be an effective herb. The taste of herb is bitter, but benefits of it are great to maintain a good health. It has the ability to stimulate the appetite and also increases the production of saliva.


The root of this essential herb is generally use for curing loss of appetite. Gentian is very helpful for the body to absorb food appropriately. It is also helpful in raising gastric secretions, bile flow and appetite.


Chen Pi :

It is a dried peel supplement which is very effective for improving the digestive system. This herb is helpful in curing the dyspepsia (it is a pain or uncomfortable feeling in the upper middle part of your stomach) and also acts as relaxant. This herbal ingredient is also very effective in increasing body’s gastric secretions.


Consumption of it can be helpful in regulating appetite. If your appetite is good, you will have enough food which will help in improving body weight.  This herb is also good to take to get relief from painful abdominal distention, which results in weight gain.


Dandelion :

This is another super herb that is great for weight gain process. Its taste is bitter and has positive effects on constipation, gallstone, and dyspepsia. In Ayurveda, it is used a tonic that stimulates the appetite.

It is also good for a pregnant woman as it contains beneficial nutrients. Its healthy nutrients make it an essential herb for gaining a perfect body weight.


Blessed Thistle :

For a right body weight, intake of protein enriched foods is also necessary. So, this herb is really good as it abundant in protein and helps in weight gain in a natural way. It is also good to enhance the digestion and appetite.

Eat-Blessed Thistle-to-Gain-Weight

If you are underweight and want to be a person of right body, trying this herb can be one of the best approaches.

Chamomile :

This is another herb which is quite famous in Ayurveda. It has been traditionally used to reduce anxiety and keep stomach calm. In various cultures it is also used for stomach ailments and improving overall health.


For the people who are underweight, chamomile is the most effective and healthy treatment for weight gain. It is the best choice for weight gain with no side effects.


Dandelion Root :

It is very effective herb which is used by most of the women to increase appetite and improve body weight.

Dandelion-Root -to-Gain-Weight

This herb is usually recommended to pregnant women in order to stimulate appetite. Healthy nutrients in it are beneficial to build a strong health.


Shatavari (Asparagus Racemosus) :

Shatvari is an essential herb for people with skinny body. It is good option to increase hunger and providing enough energy to body.


It can also relive anxiety, reduce stress and exhaustion. It helps in strengthening muscles and making body strong.


Saunf (Foeniculum Vulgare) :

Saunf or fennel  is also good for those people who are dreaming for an appropriate body weight. It is good to improve digestive system which results in enhancing appetite.


It is a fine remedy for treating eating disorder- Anorexia, which is directly linked to underweight problem.


Pippali :

Pippali is another better option for improving overall health. It has the power of developing basic metabolic rate which promotes improved appetite of the body.


With this herb, your food intake may increase which can give a body shape that you really desire.

Besides all these herbs, you can also have Accumass– a natural weight gainer with one glass of milk early in the morning. Accumass is the perfect blend of 18 herbs such as Pippali, Ashwagandha, Shatawari, Kadali, and Vatada.


If you want to improve your body health naturally, you must go for natural methods.

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Take care of your health to make life happier.

Ayurveda – A Simple and Natural Way to Gain Weight
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