Skinny might be in trend, but there might be thin line between being skinny and being fit. Not everyone who is skinny is healthy.  Talking about nutrition, health is the major factor that is influenced.  Here the question arises. Are we in taking nutrients optimally? Are we really fit?  What […]


Amla: Indian Gooseberry Amla is known as amalaki in Sanskrit and Phyllanthus emblica is known as worldwide.  The other names for Amla are emblic, emblic myroblan, Malacca tree and famously as Indian Gooseberry. Amla is an important ingredient which helps to gain weight. What makes Amla so special? It is […]

Healthy fats for weight gain

Fats are healthy   Fat is one of the major nutrients in the body, accompanied by protein and carbohydrate. Fat supports in performing systemic and metabolic functions. The other name of fat is triglyceride. Fat is solid at room temperature. People confuse between oil, which remains liquid at room temperature. […]


Exercises and workout has been always used for weight loss purposes. The proportion of overweight girls indefinitely outweighs underweight girls. Which category you belong to-Underweight or Overweight or Normal weight?? Facing difficulty in answering, have you ever checked your BMI? BMI is your Body Mass index .It just gives you […]