People with skinny or thin body may also various issues as people with obesity do. For some people when the question how to gain weight comes they may irritate. Although weight gain process can be time-consuming, you have to be patient and practice it for daily. While working on weight […]


Ashwagandha has a wide range of health benefits. Interestingly, in Sanskrit “Ashwagandha” means “smell of the horse,” which refers to both its unique smell and ability to increase strength. It has the ability to fight cancer, diabetes, reduce inflammation, and prevent arthritis, asthma, and stress.  Moreover, it contains anti-oxidant properties […]


For weight losing process there can be millions of plans. But when it comes to Weight Gain people usually get confused. They may continuously struggle to find the right solution to resolve their problem of weight gain.When it comes to weight gain many questions in your mind may arise such […]