Healthy fats for weight gain

Fats are healthy


Fat is one of the major nutrients in the body, accompanied by protein and carbohydrate. Fat supports in performing systemic and metabolic functions. The other name of fat is triglyceride.

Fat is solid at room temperature. People confuse between oil, which remains liquid at room temperature. Some fats cannot synthesize in the body; widely known as essential fatty acids. These essential fatty acids are of two kinds: alpha linolenic acid and linoleic acid.

Fatty tissue or adipose tissue is fat storage mechanism of the body. In the case of emergency, these fat cells dissipate to provide energy in the form of fatty acid and glycerol. Recent studies have found consuming unsaturated fats reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases.



This term is not only used by obese or overweight person; but, it is a routine of consumption of healthy food to increase, decrease or maintain body ideal weight. It is a practice to maintain a stable weight and healthy body. A balanced diet contains all nutrients like carbohydrate, vitamin, protein, and mineral. Each nutrient plays a crucial part in maintaining body function.

Let’s talk about fat.


Let’s talk about fat

Fat is storage house of energy to provide nourishment when carbohydrate is not accessible. Fat provide energy, absorbs various nutrients and maintain body temperature. Deficiency of fats increases risk of acquiring heart diseases, chronic inflammation, deficiency of vitamins and related diseases, mental illness, brittle hair and nails, cancer and weakness. There always has been a misconception regarding fats. The fat falls in two categories “good fat” and “bad fat”.

As the name suggests we must include the good fats in our diet. The good fats are the unsaturated fats which includes polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs) and monounsaturated fats (MUFAs).  When consumed as per requirement, they lower cholesterol levels and reduce risk of heart diseases.

Omega-3 fatty acid: this PUFA commonly found in walnuts, edible seeds like chia and flax, oils like olive oil, fish oil. Reports and research have found that these foods reduce risk of cardiovascular disorders. Food combined with vitamin E helps synergize the effect of good fats.

The bad fat in the diet can be avoided. It increases cholesterol level. It is largely found in animal products like whole eggs, dairy products, red meat, and vegetable oil like palm oil and coconut oil.

Trans fat: trans fatty acids are found in packed food or bakeries, fast foods leading to risk heart disease and mortality. Fortunately, these healthy fats are present in Accumass. Each 100 g of Accumass is filled with goodness of PUFAs and MUFAs. Table of content are as follow:

Common Name Botanical name Fat Content

per g/100g (approx)

Ashwagandha Withinia somnifera 0.3
Kadali Musa paradisiaca 0.4
Shatavari Asparagus racemosus 0.11
Vatada Prunus amygdalus 49.42
Kajur Phonenix sylvestris 39.7
Amalaki Phyllanthus emblica 0.5
Gokhshura Tribulus terrestris 0.5
Draksha Vitis vinifera 0.16
Varahi Dioscorea bulbifera 0.18
Seba Pyrus malus 13.78
Pippali Piper longum 3.37
Mariachi Piper nigrum 3.6
Sonth Zingiber officinale 0.8
Ela Elletaria cardamomum 0.3
Jeera Cuminum cyminum 22
Mushali Aparagus adscendens 3.7

So, boy and girls do not fret. Accumass is here to help you in gaining weight naturally and with no side effects. Take two scoops preferably with milk, pre and post workout. In addition, take two bananas with it for better and faster results. Attain you desired body with dedication. Remember; say no to Trans fats and a big no to palm and coconut oil.

Accumass Weight Gainer

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Healthy fats for weight gain
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7 thoughts on “Healthy fats for weight gain

    1. Yes, definitely yes. Accumass is ayurvedic weight gainer product which helps you in gaining desired weight. We recommend you take a healthy diet along with daily exercise. You can consume Accumass granules with milk in morning with breakfast. You will definitely get the result. Hope you get your desired results. Have a nice day.

    1. Hello, Accumass is natural weight gainer and it takes some time to gain weight. If you want to see desired results you have to Accumass for the duration of 3 months. Please make sure to take it in morning breakfast with milk. Also, maintain a healthy diet along with regular exercise. You will definitely gain weight in some period of time. Have a good day.

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