In a day, there are 3 meals and 2 Snacks taken by almost everyone.

An Average woman needs about 2000 calories per day.

An average man needs 2500 calories per day.

These calories are consumed in the form of 3 meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) & 2 Snacks (mid Morning and Afternoon)

This may vary from person to person on numerous factors like age, weight, height, metabolic health & body activity levels etc.

Calorie Chart for Various Foods:

                                                                               Calorie chart


Food Categories Measure Calories
Apple 1 Small 50-60
Banana ½  Medium 50-60
Grapes 15 Small 50-60
Mango ½ Small 50-60
Orange 1 Medium 50-60
Mausami 1 Medium 50-60
Whole Milk 250 ml (1 Cup) 150
Butter 1 tbsp 45
Ghee 1 tbsp 45
Paneer 60 gm 150
Cereals (Cooked) ½ Cup 80
Rice (Cooked) 25 gm 80
Chapatti 1 Medium 80
Potato 1 Medium 80
Dal 1 Bowl (Large) 80
Mixed Vegetables 150 gm 80
Fish 50 gm 55
Mutton 1 oz 75
Egg 1 Item 75
Cake Plain 50 gm 135
Cake(Chocolate) 50 gm 225
Pakoras 50 gm 175
Puri 1 Large 85
Samosa 1 Piece 140
Vada 1 Small 70
Dosa(Plain) 1 Medium 135
Dosa(Masala) 1 Medium 250
Biscuit 15 gm 70
Biryani (Veg) 1 Cup 200
Biryani (Mutton) 1 Cup 225
Curry (Veg) 100 gm 130
Curry (Chicken) 100 gm 225
Pulav (Veg) 100 gm 130
Fried fish 85 gm 140
Soup 1 Cup 75
Salad 1 Cup 100
Bread Slice 1 45
Halwa (Carrot) 45 gm 165
Kheer 20 gm 100
Jalebi 100 gm 180
Rasgulla 50 gm 140
Wine 3.5 fl.oz 85
Soft Drink 200 ml 90
Beer 125 fl.oz 150
Soda 1 Bottle 10
Alcohol neat 1 Small 75
Milk wth sugar 1 Cup 75
Milk without Sugar 1 Cup 120
Fruit Juice 1 Cup 120
Tea/ Black/ Without Sugar 1 Cup 10
Coffee/ Black/ Without Sugar 1 Cup 10
Tea with milk & Sugar 1 Cup 45
Coffee with Milk & Sugar 1 Cup 45

You can keep a check on your calorie intake per week by viewing this calorie chart. It will not only help you to regulate but also to maintain a healthy diet.

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How many Calories Should be Taken on Average
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