How to Gain Weight Fast and Naturally

Gain Weight Fast and Naturally

Losing weight is the most desired thing by some people while others want to gain weight. Both of these are big challenges, people face in their lifetimes.

For a lean person, a perfect body is the most aspired thing but the question remains that, how to gain weight?

Leanness and being underweight is not limited to feeling uncomfortable or shy in front of others, it has even dire consequences.

Being underweight can also harm your immune function and raise the risk of infections, lead to osteoporosis, fractures and cause problems related to fertility.

Having less weight is defined as having a body mass index (BMI) below 18.5. And It is experienced more commonly by women and girls.

Today, we are going to talk about how to gain weight naturally without consuming any harmful chemicals.

Here are some natural ways which you can try to put on weight fast and naturally.

#1. Try peanut butter

While being one of the most popular breakfasts, peanut butter has great nutritional values. It has a very high amount of calorie, protein and fats. A single tablespoon of peanut butter contains around 100 calories.

Peanut Butter

It also contains vitamins like magnesium, folic acids, Vitamin B and Vitamin E. Consume peanut butter with whole wheat bread to add a high amount of calories and fats in your food.

So, make your breakfast healthy and gain weight at the same time by adding Peanut butter to your diet.

 #2. Try to eat red meat

The foods which contain high cholesterol are good at gaining weight fast and naturally. Red meat is one of those foods which helps to put on weight fast and naturally.

Red meat has a rich amount of proteins, iron and is a good source of fats. This is one of the easiest ways to gain weight. So, try red meat to put on weight naturally at home.

#3. Try whole fat milk

Replace skimmed milk with whole milk for gaining weight fast and naturally at home. Whole milk includes 60 extra calories per glass than skimmed milk.

Whole Fat Milk

Whole milk is also full of nutrients and is a rich source of vitamin D and A. You can take whole milk with oats and cereals in your breakfast or drink it, whole fat milk will be beneficial for your overall health along with putting on some weight effectively at home.

#4. Try tropical fruits

Fruits are an important source of carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and fiber.

Fruits help you to gain weight and especially tropical fruits. Mango, bananas, papaya and pineapple have a good amount of natural sugar, which is a great way to gain weight.

The fruits with natural sugar provide instant energy and fill up the stomach. Avoid artificial saturated sugars and make desserts with these fruits to gain weight naturally.

Tropical fruits not only taste amazing, but they also provide nutrients that are greatly beneficial to health.

#5. Try whole-wheat bread

Whole wheat bread is a great way to gain weight easily and effectively.

The fibers and minerals that are missing in white bread are present in whole wheat bread that has enough nutrients to add health value to your breakfast. It also helps you to keep full for a longer period compared to white bread.

So try to add whole wheat bread to your breakfast to initiate weight gain at home.

#6. Accumass

Accumass granules are formulated with 18 effective ayurvedic herbs like Vidari, Ashwagandha, Shatavari etc.


These herbs strengthen your immune system and actively promote weight gain naturally. So, try this best Ayurvedic weight gain granules to put on weight fast and naturally.

#7. Try Butter or Ghee

Butter is high in calories and has all the nutrients that are required in the daily life of a person. Add butter to your breakfast with whole wheat bread to promote weight gain naturally.

But don’t have excess butter because it contains saturated fats and might be unhealthy if taken excessively. And if you don’t prefer butter, you can substitute it with Ghee, the clarified form of butter. You can eat ghee separately with your food or you can also cook food in it as it is very healthy along with its weight gaining potential.

#8. Choose Cheese

It is one of the favourite foods of everyone as you can use them in many types of dishes.


Generally, cheese has a high amount of fat which help in gaining weight fast and effectively. If you are running out of milk, then try to consume cheese.

The cheese will surely help you to gain weight effectively.

By adding these easily available foods to your diet, you will not be underweight anymore.

Do comment your views and opinions in the box given below and don’t forget to share these effective tips with others to promote weight gain fast and naturally.


How to Gain Weight Fast and Naturally
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