How to Gain Weight without Adding Fat

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Most of the Lean or Underweight person come-up with the same question that what should be the Best Way to Gain Weight or add size without getting fat? And Why I am not Gaining Weight after doing Excessive Exercise?

Mostly person come up with such questions are suffer from debility or emaciation. Therefore they found it Difficult to Gain Weight after taking supplements or doing exercises. But apart from these the best way to gain weight is proper diet plan and natural herbs. If you are lean and want to increase your body weight then follow a proper diet regimen and take Accumass Best Weight Gainer Supplement in India.

Here are Few Tips which can be Helpful to Gain Weight without Adding Fat:
  1. Add more Calories in your Diet: Your calorie consumption is depends on your age, sex and current weight. Daily requirement of calorie for an average male is 2200-3200 and for an average female is 1800-2400. Therefore, you require to intake caloric value to keep yourself fit and active. To gain weight you can add sesame butter, Coconut milk, Avocados, banana, oatmeal and other related foods or fruits in your diet plan as these are rich source of calories.
  2. Increase your number of Meals: Try to take meals frequently and avoid taking meals after 6-7 hours. Try to take a meal after every 3-4 hours. Most of dietician also recommends the six meals which contain three light meals and three heavy meals. The breakfast, lunch and dinner should be heavy and enriched with high calorie diet and rich in protein and minerals.
  3. Natural Supplements: Add natural supplements in your daily diet routine. You can take a Accumass weight gain granules along with luke-warm milk two times a day or as prescribed by dietician. You can also take Accumass Ayurvedic capsules twice a day to fulfill the nutritional demand of the body. These natural supplements also help to maintain the balance of metabolic rate and increase the uptake of macro and micronutrients in the body.
  4. Burn more Calories: It is important to burn more calories as it helps to build muscle not fat in the body. To burn calories do some exercise or cardio workout. You can also try yoga asanas to burn calories. For exercises you can join your nearest or local gym. Do exercise or yoga asanas in the proper guidance of trained person.
  5. Add Protein in your Diet: If you want to increase your weight then add proteins in your diet. It helps to increase the increase your weight and look fit. Lean meat, fish, eggs, pulses, sprouts, and dairy products that rich sources of proteins. Tuna fish and mackerel fish are rich in oil and are one of the best ways to increase weight.

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How to Gain Weight without Adding Fat
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