How to Stabilize Metabolism to Gain Weight

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Information regarding How to Lose Weight are easily available comprehensively but when it comes to Gain Weight, information seems poor, restricted or complicated. Mostly person with Lean Body Mass has fast metabolism.

But it is not true, in people with fast metabolism food is not properly digested and essential nutrients or proteins are excreted as well with food. Let’s take a look at metabolism process. Metabolism is a process that takes place in two steps. One is catabolic phase and other is anabolic phase. In anabolic phase, body uptake the micronutrients, macronutrients, protein and carbohydrates from the food and in this phase muscles grow and recover. In fast metabolic rate, anabolic phase time decrease and catabolic phase time increases. Following tips are useful to maintain proper weight:

  1. Track Calories: Use the calorie scale and count the daily calories intake by you. Often, person with lean body mass overestimated what they eat. The calorie intake usually you need are your body-weight in lbs x 20kcal daily to gain weight. Try to count your daily calorie intake.
  2. Increase your Meals: Try to take a meal after every 3 hours. Deign your meal plan with three light meals and three heavy meals. Take a meal before breakfast and after breakfast and after lunch snacks and three heavy meals breakfast, lunch and dinner. Try to take a meal after workout at this time anabolic rate of body is high.
  3. Eat Calorie Dense Foods: Eat foods that contain high calories content. Try to find out the calorie content of foods over the package insert or from other source. For example: 100g raw Rice contains calorie content 380kcals or on the other hand, 100g raw spinach contains only 25kcals. Therefore, try to find out calorie content. You can try olive, nuts, pasta or whole milk as they are rich source of calories.
  4. Try Hard Workouts: If you want to gain weight as well as strength and muscle mass, then do some exercises that put stress over the muscles and joints. Try compound exercises such as squat, deadlifts, pull-ups, Dips, bench press, overhead press or barbell row. Compound work-out provides a stress over multiple muscles or joints which help to increase muscle mass.
  5. Weight Gain Diet: Try to take calories intake 3500+ Kcal if you want to gain weight. Try to eat 100 gm oats, 50 gm resins and 1 glass of milk containing Accumass weight gain granules with Accumass Ayurvedic capsules. Take a heavy lunch or dinner containing high amount of calories content. After dinner take a glass of luke-warm milk containing two scoop of Accumass weight gain powder and before going to bed take two capsules of Accumass weight gain granules.

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How to Stabilize Metabolism to Gain Weight
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