The most important thing to know is that yoga helps in regulating body metabolism. Yoga help to solve problems like stress, lack of appetite, poor metabolism, digestive issues etc which in turn helps in improving health by stabilizing and achieving the desired weight. Yoga enhances circulation of blood & oxygen, […]

Can stress cause you to lose weight

Yes, stress is one of the major reason behind lose weight in unhealthy manner. Sudden loss of weight after a stressful event, can also be a sign of a serious illness. In sudden loss of weight through stress can be explained as: Sudden loss of weight for no apparent reason […]


There are variety of foods available in the nature to nourish and provide healthiness to body. Food and water is one of the main component required to human for being healthy. Natural foods, free from pesticides, growth hormones, gardening chemicals and preservatives are work in a synergistic manner to gain […]