Simple Tips to Increase Weight of Underweight Children


Weight Gain has always been an issue for people of all age groups. People always consider weight gain a major issue, but there are many who are suffering due to their thin and skinny body. This is not only the case with adults butteenagers also. Instead of making a lot of efforts many teenagers struggle to make their body fit and fine.

Consulting a doctor is always a good way to find the right solution for this problem. However, you must also make your own efforts to keep your child healthy.

Here are some tips that can help you improve your Child Health:

Let’s start!


Encourage for Regular Exercise :

Like healthy eating, exercise is also necessary to stay fit and fit. Children may seem lazy when advised to exercise. But being a good parent you will have to encourage them to build right habits. You must tell how important it is to stay strong.


Exercise can often stimulate the appetite. So, you must boost your kids to perform physical activities so that amount of their diet could increase. No doubt if they are eating healthy, they can maintain good body weight. When it comes to exercise, you should always join them as doing alone can make them lethargic.


Skip Unhealthy Choices :

No surprise kids love to have cake, cookies, soda, and fast food. This foodstuff can increase the weight but not in a healthy way. So, you must motivate your child to have something healthy such as fruit, milk, vegetables, and oats.

You can cook yourself something healthy to give a nice treat to your child.


Look for the Main Issue :

Another reason of skinny body can be some other health issues of your children.

A hormonal or metabolic imbalance can sometimes be the cause of low body weight. Besides this, gastrointestinal or other discomforts after or during eating can be a part of poor weight gain. Some medication can also lead to lack of appetite so, always take the advice of a doctor before you give medicine to your child.


Feed Underweight Children More Often :

Most of the time problem does occur with the diet that children are taking but the amount.Small children have small stomachs and need to eat more often as a comparison to adults. It is necessary to take five or six smaller meals along with snacks each day.


Give something healthy and tasty whenever your child feels hungry.


Understand Your Child :

Teenagers may also suffer from the stress like adults. But they always try to hide their feelings and emotions in this age. Sometimes, they also feel fearful to open up among the people. Not only does this happen, but in some cases, they even start staying away from their friends or age mates.

This can be something serious and you should always give special attention to your child. A stressful life can be the reason of low body weight. A happy mind will always be healthy. So, make your child life stress-free with your love and care.


Consult Your Child’s Physician :

No other choice can be better than consulting a doctor for the right help. A child doctor can tell you the exact reason what makes your child suffer from poor body weight. Sometimes, with a healthy diet, a right medication is also necessary.

As mentioned earlier, some health issues such as digestive problems, food into lerances, and other allergies can be the main cause of poor health.


Set a Good Example :

A child always learns from his own family. And the same thing somehow relies on his eating habits. If parents are focused on healthy lifestyle children will also follow the same path. Your child learns by watching you.

If you exercise and take healthy diet, your child can also develop the same habits that can help him or her stay fit.


So, are you ready to help your child maintain good body weight? If yes, you must follow these tips for the better results. Besides this, you can also give your child Accumass – ayurvedic treatment for weight gain that can maintain good body weight in a natural way. If your child is 12 years old or more you can give him 2 scoops of accumass with 1 glass of milk in breakfast.

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Simple Tips to Increase Weight of Underweight Children
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