Exercises and workout has been always used for weight loss purposes. The proportion of overweight girls indefinitely outweighs underweight girls. Which category you belong to-Underweight or Overweight or Normal weight?? Facing difficulty in answering, have you ever checked your BMI? BMI is your Body Mass index .It just gives you a numeric value which is calculated by dividing body weight of a person in kilograms by height in meters.

My blog is to address all the underweight girls. Being skinny feels bad and frustrating. When you look in the mirror, you feel if some magic could be played which could give you instant weight gain. Dear brave girl, that’s impossible we know. Also, your favorite skinny top just appears too skinny on your body. What measures have you taken to put on healthy weight gain???

If you have taken these measures, then you are on the wrong path…..Read to know –

  • If-you-have-taken-these-measuresStress
  • Starting a diet schedule for weight gain without consulting a dietician
  • Binging on steroid filled weight gain supplements
  • Irregular workouts


Before following an exercise schedule religiously, Please discard the above measures. So if you have a habit of taking stress or saying yes to every diet schedule which gives you weight gain or taking steroid filled weight gain supplements or irregular in your normal day to day exercise workouts………… Girls… Halt…. Pause and think .

`Don’t make weight gain process tough for you’………….. All you need is patience and self confidence 🙂

An American fashion model Bella Hadid gives some words of motivation to the girls struggling out to gain weight.

I definitely gain weight and I’m not naturally thin!

So, don’t lose motivation, you can gain weight. Just believe in yourself and follow the right path. Exercises to gain weight are one of right and natural path to gain weight. Let’s see the next section some of the exercises which help you to gain weight.

What are the top 5 exercises for weight gain in girls with pictures?


1. Push ups

Push-upsIt is one of the best exercises to strengthen upper portion of body including your shoulders and chest. It helps to develop toned and strong arms. Arms should be placed on floor at a distance of shoulder width apart in a way that you should be able to lower your upper body by putting pressure on your arms. Your chest should almost touch a floor and pulled upward. Go according to your strength.

2. Squats

SquatsIt is another star exercise which is used to strengthen and tone your lower body. One should stand in a straight posture with feet shoulder width distance apart. Then, raise your arms or keep them behind the head, simultaneously lowering down your body by bending the knees and pushing hips back. Squat down as low as you can and then rise up. Go slow and gradually build more stamina as you proceed.

3. Crunches

CrunchesCrunches help in toning core strength of body and boosting up in lean mass development. Lay straight on the floor with a mat. Then, bent your knees and place your hands at the back of your head .Push the upper portion of your body placing a little stress on your shoulder area and then come back to original position.

4. Triceps Dips

Triceps-DipsIt is the easiest and simplest exercise to gain weight for females. It tones up back muscles, hips and triceps. It is performed by using a chair as a support medium. Firstly, one should sit in a comfortable position on chair and hold the edges of chair with hands. After that push yourself forward slowly, move out of your sitting position and lower your butt in the downward direction. Hold this position for few seconds and then come back to sitting position by putting pressure on the hands placed on chair.

5. Walking lunges

Walking-lungesIt is an excellent exercise for gaining muscle mass in the lower part of your body. Stand in the straight standing position keeping your feet at hip distance apart  and then take a big step in forward direction by bending your knees at 90 degree position in a lunging like position followed by taking another step in the same way. Keep on repeating according to your strength.

So, fasten your low motivational spirits girls, get ahead….

Get moving and put some healthy weight by doing these exercises. Make sure you eat a healthy balanced diet along. And throw all your stress in dustbin.

Enjoy a healthy journey-Accumass-powder-capsules

Do share with us how these exercises have helped you to gain weight.

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Top 5 Weight Gain Exercises For Girls
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  1. Thanks for writing such a motivational blog..I will start doing these exercises for correcting my BMI and underweight condition.

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