Training and Nutrition Tips to Weight Gain

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In present time, most of the people seem struggling to lose weight but apart from them, some actually want to add some weight or pounds to their body weight. Due to their lean body mass, they often feel disappointed, depressed and fatigued. In both cases calories and metabolism plays an important role. To lose weight you require low calorie diet & on other hand, to gain weight you required slight extra calorie consumption to normalize the BMR rate.

Here we Describe the Tips to Gain Weight Naturally

Training Tips to Weight Gain:

In Gym, while workout you are putting stress over your muscles and ignite them to build up. Here are some tips which are helpful for you to gain muscle mass.

  1. Do Compound Muscle Exercise: Do compound muscle exercises as it help to promote strength and stamina or utilize multiple muscles and joints at a same time. Exercises that contain compound muscle movements are walking lunges, lunges, squats, dead-lifts, cleans, burpees and plyometric moves like jump squats and box jumps. These exercises can be performed with or without weights.
  2. Increase your Repetition Speed: Increase your reps speed as it put more stress over the muscles and take a rest between reps. Try to take repletion in every two seconds. Start with light weights and with time start increasing your weights.
  3. Do Warm-up Exercises: Do warm up exercises before starting work-out. Warm-up exercises helps to maintain muscles stretchable. So that, muscles endure more stress over them.
  4. Do Light Cardio Exercises: Do light cardio exercises as it helps to increase the flow of blood circulation in the body and provide more oxygen to muscles for muscle growth. Most of the gym trainer, recommend a cardio exercises three times a week.

Nutritional Tips to Weight Gain:

  1. Natural Supplements: Add natural supplements in your daily diet routine as it helps to increase the uptake of macronutrients in the body and regularize the metabolic system. Natural supplements such as Accumass weight gain powder or capsules are one of the best health supplements available in market.
  2. Add Carbohydrates or Protein in Your Diet: Eat food rich in carbohydrates and protein in breakfast or after workout at this time anabolic window helps to maximize muscle recovery. Get a liquid carbohydrate and protein or natural supplements drink into your body to help refill your glycogen stores as fast as possible.
  3. Remain Hydrated: Try to remain hydrated and drink water frequently to gain weight. If you don’t like the taste of water then you can add lemon, watermelon, strawberries and other fruits in it.
  4. Sleep: Sleeping time is the time when your muscles grow, build or recover. At workout time, your muscles start breaking down and after workout your muscles use the nutrient and water you ingested. I sleeping time, they all are work together to build muscles and gain weight.

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Training and Nutrition Tips to Weight Gain
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