Why are You Underweight? Know the Reason and Find Right Solution Here!


Poor body weight is one of the most the major issues among people. This issue can make anyone feel bad and low. This can be because of poor diet, lack of appetite, poor health, and other illnesses. Even after making lots of efforts people do not get the exact solution. It can be difficult to maintain good body weight without right guidance or solution.

How to Find You are Underweight?

Underweight is a condition your body weight is 10-20% less than the average expected for your height, age, and sex. If your body weight is less by 20 % or more than ideal body weight, it means you are underweight and it is the matter of high concern.

What are Causes of Being Underweight?


  • Inadequate food takes in both quantity and quality is a common cause of poor health.
  • Psychological factors like in patients with mental illness or anorexia (who refuse to eat adequately) suffer from this issue.
  • Improper habits of eating and poor choice of foodstuff lead to improper nutrient and calorie intake.
  • Increased exercise or physical activities with out increasing food intake.
  • Malabsorption due to vomiting, diarrhea can become a reason for poor nutrient absorption.
  • Condition like a fever in which hunger is poor and energy needs are more may be a reason for weight loss
  • A hormonal imbalance like hyperthyroidism can be a reason for being underweight

How Your Health Can get Affected with Less Body Weight?

  • Underweight people usually feel fatigued and find difficult to work
  • People with low body weight are more prone to diseases like tuberculosis.
  • In females, less body weight can increase the chance of complication during pregnancy which can lead to preterm delivery
  • Your body power to fight infections or other infections also reduce
  • Risk during surgeries can also increase

How to Maintain a Healthy Body Weight?

  • Eating healthy is the most necessary thing to be fit and fine. If you are underweight, you must choose your diet carefully. You should include enough carbohydrate, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and fiber enriched food in your diet. 
  • Increasing amount of calorie per day is also a necessary thing to do. An increase of about 500 calories per day can result in a weight gain of 0.5Kg per week. If you want to increase more weight, you can increase the calories amount to 1000 Kcal.
  • You must increase the intake of protein. You should also include food with high protein in your diet such as eggs, milk, cereals, and pulses should be your first preference.


  • A high carbohydrate intake helps to meet the high energy needs. Sugar, honey, cereals, starchy vegetables, and fruits must be included in the diet.
  • Plenty of vegetables, fruits, whole grain cereals, nuts, pulses, and sprouts are also good choice to take an adequate way to increase weight.
  • Some natural weight gainer such as Accumass is also a good option to maintain good health naturally. Accumass can help you gain weight naturally with its 18 natural herbs. These herbs are highly helpful to keep your body healthy, active, and fit.

It helps in enhancing the anabolic rate of the body to add more mass to your body. You can take 2 scoops of Accumass and 1 glass of milk daily for breakfast for achieving your weight gain goal.

Go Slow!

As it can be tough to move towards more food, it is better to start with the normal intake. You can slowly increase the food quantity once you become used to. An overload plate may often cause a loss of appetite so; it is good if you go slowly.

Eat regularly to stimulate your appetite but in a small portion. Eating often- 6 to 8 meals a dayis a nice way to keep body maintained and healthy. Besides taking good food, it is also necessary to exercise daily or walk in the fresh air to feel good.


Weight gain process should always be slow and steady for the better results. With a balanced diet, regular exercise and right strategy your weight gain goal can be accomplished at the right time.

A healthy body is necessary to make life happy. So, start focusing on your health today with a right plan.

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Why are You Underweight? Know the Reason and Find Right Solution Here!
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