Workout Routine to Gain Muscle Mass in Men


A well-kept secret is lying behind gaining of muscle mass. Over the years, many Bodybuilders have utilized this secret to gain their Lean Muscle Mass. Nowadays, youngsters are interested in building muscle. Muscle building is now a trendy topic among the youth. You can’t Build Muscle in a single day. Muscle building needs patience and persistence. You might have already been consumed enough time and spend a lot of money to get your Fitness Goal. You don’t need to feel depressed anymore. You need to follow a Strength Training Routine , including exercises with and without weights in order to build the muscle. Following a regular routine will help you to achieve a muscular well-toned body.

Many exercises are now available for building muscle mass. Gaining muscle mass does not mean that you have to take steroid-like products. Steroid is most harmful to your body. You need not be a “Hulk”. You need only to get the desired weight or muscle mass for an attractive physique. A question may arise in your mind i.e. what is the workout routine to Gain muscle mass in the safest way? You can gain weight by following some routine exercises along with a pure Ayurvedic Weight Gain Powder  i.e. Accumass that is manufactured by using a unique blend of pure medicinal herbs.

Let’s have a look at the following workout routine to achieve your muscle building goal.

7 Muscle Building Workouts

1.  Standing Lunge with Dumbbells (Dumbbell Lunge) :

Grabbing a dumbbell firmly in each hand, keep your arms straight by your side and Standing-Lunge-with-Dumbbellsput your palms facing each other. Keep your back straight taking a step forward with your right leg. Keep your left knee down to the ground while your right foot touches the ground. Apply force to the ground with your right foot to stand up. Keep your feet back to the original position. Apply the same process on the other side. This exercise is helpful for toned up your lower body part.

2.  Squats :

Standing with feet a little more than hip-distance apart and make sure that your toes Squatsgently turned out. Involving your abdominal muscles, pull your shoulders back and stabilize your spine. Keep your chest out and up. Put your weight on your heels. Inhale as your lower body part move back. Spread your knees and hips pushing toward and exhale. The squat help to build your thighs and hip muscle.

3.  Push-Ups :

Pointing your toes toward your chins, go down on all fours with your feet together. Your knees and hips must not bend. Involving your abdominal muscles, making your Push-Upstorso stiff. Your head and the spine must be aligned. Making sure that your head stays aligned to your spine, bring your body down to the floor.Move your body up with the support of your arms. Push- Ups help to strengthen the Chest Muscles (pectorals) along with Arms and Shoulders.

4.  Bicycle Maneuver :

Ensuring your lower back is pressed into the ground, just lie down flat on the floor. Bicycle-ManeuverAs soon as you move your knees up to a 45-degree angle,keep your hands on either side of your head. Move your knees as if you are riding a bicycle. Bring your shoulders up a bit as you move your right elbow towards your left knee and apply the same procedure for the right knee. Continue the pedaling movement.The bicycle maneuver helps to strengthen your abs muscle.

5.  Bodyweight Chin-Ups :

Keeping your arm stretched up, stand under a Pushup bar or Chin-up adjustable bar. Jump up and hold the handles. Cross your legs to bring stability to your body. Keep Bodyweight-Chin-Upsyour wrists straight and forearms neutral. Head and spine should be kept in aligned position. Bending your elbows, move your shoulders down and back. Make sure that your elbows should point down to the ground as you pull. Keep your body perpendicular to the ground. Slowly return to the original position and make your elbows straighten out. Bodyweight Chin-Ups help to Build Muscle Mass on your upper back, biceps, and lats, side of the torso, upper arm and the large flat muscle connecting the spine.

6.  Two-Handed Kettlebell Swing:

Stand with feet about shoulder-width apart keeping the kettlebell between your feet Two-Handed-Kettlebell-Swingin front of you. Take the kettlebell in a bending position until your torso is parallel to the floor. Hold the kettlebell tightly with your hands. Lift it and swing it between your legs in an upward and backward direction. It is a good exercise which boosts testosterone level and helps to build muscle. It is a good choice to strengthen Hamstrings, Triceps, the forearm or flexor muscles, gluteus maximus or buttocks, along with the adductor Magnus.

7.  Barbell Bench Press :

Keeping your hands up than shoulder-width, lie on your back on a flat bench holding the barbell firmly. Apply force with your legs into the ground. Lifting the bar up off its rack, press your hips into the bench. Making your elbows bend a little out to each side, bring the Bar Slowly Down to your Chest. Continue this process until your elbows are a little below the bench. Pushing your feet into the floor, press the weight of the barbell up and return it to its starting position. This exercise tones up the muscle of chest,arms, shoulders and also put some mass to the upper body part for a perfect muscular look.


These muscle building exercise are a very good option if you looking for the ways to tone up your body. However, you should follow some rules to enjoy your workout session. You should work out for 45 minutes or less. You need to work for each muscle group at least Twice a Week. If you are not feeling well or feel dizzy or nauseous, then stop your workout. Doing a workout does not mean to destroy your health. That is why never push too hard. Prior to work out, you need to properly warm up of your body. And cool down and stretch your body as soon as you end up workout session. Your body needs a recovery time after every exercise. Along with Exercise you also need a Balanced Diet with a Sound Sleep. One more important thing is that if you are suffering from any of health issues like a bad back or a hurt knee, diabetes, hypertension etc. always follow your doctor’s advice before starting a workout.

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Workout Routine to Gain Muscle Mass in Men
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