For weight losing process there can be millions of plans. But when it comes to Weight Gain people usually get confused. They may continuously struggle to find the right solution to resolve their problem of weight gain.When it comes to weight gain many questions in your mind may arise such as: “What should be included in Daily Diet”, “Which exercises should be performed for the weight gain? “In how many days weight gain goal will accomplish?” Or “Weight gain is an easy or tough process?”

These questions are obvious to come in anyone’s mind. All these queries will be solved automatically when you will start working on a right strategy. For it, you can either take help of a gym instructor or professional dietician.

Besides doing this, you can read the following tips that can assist you to maintain a good body weight in a right way.

Let’s start here!


1. Increase Your Calories Intake :

Whenever you start working on weight gain process, make sure you are adding more calories to your diet. You have to increase 20% intake of calories for weight gain. For example, if you need 2000 calories to maintain your weight, consume 2400 calories to gain weight.


For it, you can use a weight gain calculator that can help determine your Macro Nutrient Ratio. In any case, if you do not Gain Weight with an extra 20 % calories, increase the number until you achieve your Goal.


2.  Eat Every 3 Hours :

Eating every 3 hours is a good strategy to speed up the weight gain process. Besides this, eating snacks between meals will also be a good idea to increase the number of calories.


But you should always consider healthy snacks to do so. Six small, high-protein meals a day such as egg white omelets, vegetable sandwiches, bread and peanut butter.


3.  Go For Home Made Smoothies :

This is one of the Healthiest and easiest ways to increase body weight. It is always good to make your own smoothies to increase the number of nutrients in your diet. By doing this, you will not only get something healthy but tasty also.


Here are some yummy and easy recipes that you can try.

  • Chocolate Banana Shake :

Bananas are the good source of energy. So, in case of weight gain this fruit can play great. You have to take 1 banana, milk, sugar, and chocolate for adding flavor.

  • Vanilla Berry Shake :

Combine 1 cup of fresh berries with high-protein natural yogurt and one scoop of vanilla ice-cream or vanilla ice-cream powder. This delicious shake will not only increase your body weight but also improve your skin.

  • Super Green Shake :

Combine 1 cup of spinach, 1 avocado, 1 banana, 1 cup of pineapple slices, and 1 scoop of flavored vanilla protein.

All above-mentioned shakes can provide you 500-600 calories to your body which are helpful to get a good weight. Additionally, you also get a high amount of protein and other important vitamins and minerals also.


4.  Make Carbohydrates Your Best Friend :

Most of the people make a mistake to take only proteins n case of weight gain. They forget to take carbohydrates that are enriched with energy and help in weight gain. So, you must Include Rice, Sweet Potatoes, Potatoes, and Oatmeal to your routine diet.


Sometimes you can also take less healthy things like bread, pasta, and some other snacks. But don’t consume such foodstuff on regular basis.

In addition to taking carbohydrates, eating lots of nuts and using healthy oils in your cooking can also help you reach your weight gain mission.


5.  Take Healthy Protein Supplements :

Taking Protein Supplements has become common among youngsters for the weight gain. Protein supplement or mass gainers can be an easy way to gain weight, specifically when connected with strength training.


Some people think protein supplements are unhealthy and unnatural and can cause side effects. But, this is not true. Weight gainer such as Accumass that is made of natural ingredients can increase your weight naturally. Accumass is an ayurvedic products for weight gain for all age groups. Herbal ingredients of it such as Ashwagandha, amalaki, gokhru powder, and pippali badi powder can maintain your body weight in an accurate way.


So, are you ready to accomplish your Weight Gain Goal? If yes, make these tips essential part of your daily life and see the changes in your overall personality.

A Healthy body is a necessity for a strong personality. Don’t you think so? If yes, start working for it with a right formula and right guidance.

Good Luck!

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A Remarkable Strategy To Gain Good Body Weight
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