Best Supplement / Ayurvedic Medicine for Weight Gain

At a time when we hear more about obesity, there is also a majority of underweight people at another end. Due to their being underweight problems, most of them frequently suffer from allergies and other related symptoms due to weak immune system and poor physical stamina. Most of product that are supposed to be Increase Weight Gain are chemically synthesized and contain preservatives which may be insecure and can cause harm to the body. In this instance, Ayurvedic herbs are one of the best solution which helps to increase weight gain and at the same time, also improve the muscle strength and weak immune system.

Accumass Weigh Gain Supplements are unique blend of such Ayurvedic herbs that are used traditionally to increase body weight and muscle mass. Accumass Ayurvedic Weight Gain Powder is enriched with the herbs like Ashwaghandha, Shatavari, Gokhsura and many more that help to weight gain.

Accumass Capsules are Ayurvedic Medicine for Weight Gain that helps to strengthen the muscles and improve blood circulation. It is a Natural Ayurvedic medicine that helps to gain weight in both men and women. Let’s discuss some Ayurvedic herbs in detail:

Ashwaghanda: Ashwaghandha is also known as winter cherry and has wide spectrum of benefits in improving overall health. It is one of the most beneficial herbs that are described in Ayurveda. It helps to increase basal metabolic rate and increases body weight in synergistic manner. It also helps to relieve from general debility, increase strength and stamina and nourish the joint, muscles and nerves. It is also helpful to control high blood pressure and bad cholesterol level in the body and promote sound sleep.

Asparagus Racemosus (Shatavari): Satavari is sweet and bitter herb that belong to family Asparagaceae. It is also known as “Shatamuli” or “Queen of herbs”. In Sanskrit “satawari” means “one who possesses a hundred husbands”. Shatavari is used for its properties to relieve from aphrodisiac, galactogogue, anorexia, insomnia and being underweight problems. Shatavari is also works as a demulcent for the dry and inflamed membranes of the lungs, stomach, kidneys and sexual organs. It works synergistically to improve weak immune system and poor stamina.

Tribulus Terrestris: It is also known as Gokhsura or Calthrops. Tribulus is used for to control high blood pressure, bad cholesterol level, anemia and problems related with digestion. Gokshura helps in lowering cholesterol levels in blood and have shown regulating effect on blood sugar. It helps to increase the hormonal level especially testosterone and stimulating appetite and work as an astringent, tonic, and mood enhancer.


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Best Supplement / Ayurvedic Medicine for Weight Gain
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