To Gain Weight try to Intake More Number of Calories than the number of heavy meals. As to Increase Body Weight, you require a high caloric intake rather than unhealthy food. To gain weight you required a high intake of calories but that doesn’t means you are free to eat cheese burgers, French fries and other unhealthy fast foods. You are suggested to add foods that are healthy and contain nutrient dense calories. Avoid taking nutrient poor foods that have high calorie level such as sweets, soda and fast foods. If you are not meeting your calorie target then you can add calorie boosters in your diet such as nuts, dry fruits, oil, nut butters, and non fat dried milk. Here we enlist some important advices that help to weight gain.

Stay Hydrated:

It is advised to stay hydrated throughout the day. You can drink fruit juices, soymilk and low fat milk. In summer, lime water is one of the best solutions to stay hydrated. Try to drink fluid in between meals, rather than with your food.

Increase Caloric Intake in Gradual Manner:  

Try to increase your caloric intake in gradual manner and serve yourself with extra calories in few amounts. Try to eat more and serve your food by own.

Say Yes to Healthy Fats:

Add healthy fats in your diet. You can use olive-oil vinaigrette on your salad. Nuts, seeds, avocado and cooked vegetables are the best source of healthy fat and help to gain weight and high caloric diet.

Add Calorie-dense Whole Grains in Diet:

In breakfast, Cereal topped with soy milk is a good source of calories. Try to add high calorie dense and heavy cereals in your diet. You can add nuts, seeds, dried fruits, and banana in cereals for better taste and make it high calorie breakfast.

 Add Proteins in Your Diet:

Add adequate amount of protein in your diet. If you aren’t vegetarian then you can add seafood, poultry and lean cuts of meat in your diet. If you are vegetarian then add vegetarian proteins such as beans and tofu in your diet.


Dried fruits have more calories than fresh fruit. Try to eat dry fruits in between meals. Add dry fruits in salads and smoothies or just take the handful as a snack.

Eat Frequently:

Track your daily calorie intake and eat frequently. Try to add 3 small meals and 3 heavy meals in your daily diet plan.

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Eating Advice’s for Weight Gain
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