How Teenagers can Gain Weight in a Simple Way

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Reason for skinny and thin body can be various such as poor diet, body metabolism  and unhealthy food choices.  Whatever the reason, it is necessary to find a solution that can help you Gain weight and build strong muscles.

Teenagers with skinny body sometimes feel less confident and prefer to stay away from people. After struggling a lot they don’t get the desired results which make them sad. It is a quite critical situation for both parents and teens. So, to fight this very issue, here are some simple ways that can help gain weight naturally.

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Increase the Intake of Protein Foods :

Food with protein is highly necessary to increase the weight in a right proportion. Protein helps build muscle mass, which is healthier than body fat. You must have foodstuff that contain enough amount of protein such as eggs, lean meat, fish, cheese, tofu, yogurt, soy products, nuts, beans and seeds.


You must avoid the foods that contain high amount of sugar such as carbonated drinks as they fill your body with empty calories. Taking protein enriched food is the best weight gainer for women and men with the skinny body.

Don’t Skip Breakfast :

It has been found that teenagers skip their meal, specifically breakfast. Skipping of breakfast is really a bad idea; it can be damaging to weight gain plan. When you are not taking your breakfast, you are actually limiting the energy that your body needs.


In the other words you can also say that you are taking a few calories which affect your metabolism that can lead to imbalanced weight. For the healthy weight gain, teens should have high energy food like oatmeal, eggs, fruit, and toast with peanut butter, fruit juice and smoothie. Taking a healthy breakfast daily is one of the most accurate and Fastest ways to Gain Weight for Men and women as well.

Eat Many Times in a Day :

For a balanced weight, your teen should take at least three meals every day. As earlier mentioned, if the meals are skipped, it can result in lesser intake of calories. If your body is not taking enough calories, weight gain process will slow down.


The food that children of this age take should be balanced and enriched with essential nutrients. Teenagers who eat vegetables gain weight in a healthy way as a comparison to those who eat foods with saturated fats and sugar. Taking a healthy dessert made from fruit, yogurt or milk can also be right way to gain weight. Moreover, you can also take Ayurvedic weight Gain Capsules for the beneficial results but you need to make sure that the capsules are made of natural herbs.

Include Starchy Foods in Your Meal :

Including starchy foods in teens’ diet is another good method for maintaining a healthy weight. Such foods give your body more energy and extra calories as they are full with carbohydrates. Starchy vegetables and fruit also contain a high amount of fiber content that help in maintaining proper metabolism.

Foods such as potatoes, rice, pasta, oats and other grains like rye and barley that contain minerals like iron, folate, calcium and vitamin B6 are excellent choice for maintaining healthy body. Taking starchy foods is the best way to gain weight naturally.

Consume Dairy Products :

No another thing can be better than taking meal when it comes to gain a healthy body weight. Teenagers who are skinny and want to improve their healthy must take milk twice a day. Besides this, milk products such as banana-shake, mango shake, yogurt, rice pudding, and cheese work appropriately for your good health.


Whole milk has just one percent fat, but it is high in calcium, potassium, magnesium, and vitamin B-12.

Exercise Daily :

Exercise is one of the good methods to maintain a healthy weight. It is a technique that helps in building muscle mass. When you exercise, your body burns calories and you feel hungry. Exercising daily increases your hunger and allows you to eat more than usual which helps you gain weight.


Strength training exercise like bench presses, chin-ups, crunches, squats and lifts that build muscles and good for weight gain. Remember, you don’t need to exercise more as it can lead to burning more calories. If you burn more calories, you will have to eat more to gain weight.

Besides this, taking one scoop of Accumass – (one of the finest Ayurvedic Powders for Weight Gain) with one glass of milk is also good to take in breakfast. Accumass is purely herbal and good to gain weight naturally because of its perfect blend of 18 herbs.


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How Teenagers can Gain Weight in a Simple Way
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