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Being Underweight can be a serious problem for the individuals who have started experiencing unwanted health risks which have arisen from the problem of being underweight. Being Underweight hits hardest at your self confidence. You lose the zeal to work efficiently.

Basic common causes giving rise to the problem of being underweight include Poor diet, stress, hormonal imbalance, underlying disease conditions like diabetes, poverty, certain medications etc.

Signs and symptoms include all time tiredness, dizziness, frequent catching up of infections due to poor immune system, sleeping disorders, stress etc. Ignoring signs and symptoms at initial stages can play havoc with your health at later stages.

Have you noticed one common thing between common causes and signs and symptoms? It is stress. So while stress can make lose weight, at the same time, being underweight can give you stress. So be aware of the unseen disease triggerer-Stress.

Being underweight or overweight is a matter of choosing right amount of calories in the right healthy foods according to your age and body type. Calories can never conquer you because you choose your food and lifestyle.

Top eight home remedies for gaining weightTop eight home remedies for gaining weight

Home remedies for gaining weight are never out of trend. Basically taking calorie rich healthy foods along with proper sleep and exercises is the outline of home remedies which can help you gain weight. Take the following foods for gaining healthy weight. These are as follows- 


  1. Dates and almonds filled milk

Dry fruits and nutsDry fruits and nuts are excellent home remedies when it comes to treating underweight problem. Dry fruits are calorie dense food items. Along with calorie dense nature, they are rich in fats.

Dry fruits are high calorie foods with lot of fat. You can blend dates and almonds and add to milk and drink it. One can also snack upon dates, almonds and raisins like that also. Enjoy the healthy 858 calories per 100 gram of blended almonds and dates.

  1. Add a tablespoon of ghee, olive oil over salads, vegetables

olive oil over saladsA tablespoon of Ghee and olive oil over salads, vegetables in moderate amounts encourages high calorie diet intake. Ghee is not considered a complete healthy dietary supplement as it has high amount of saturated fats along with unsaturated fats. Saturated fat is not good for your health. It can lead to heart problems especially when you are on sedentary lifestyle.

Olive oil is really good as it has low amount of saturated fat as compared to ghee.  One tablespoon of ghee gives you 112.1 calories and one tablespoon of olive oil gives you 120 calories. Choose yours carefully!! 

  1. Banana Milk Shake

Banana Milk ShakeThis yellow fruit is old home remedy for gaining weight. Banana is a high calorie fruit having a number of 105 calories in one medium height banana. Along with good amount of calories, it has appreciable fat of 0.4 gram per banana. Banana smoothie can be made in curd and milk. Curd and milk are the dairy products having lofty amounts of calories in them.

  1. Musk melon

Musk melonMusk melon is locally called Kharbuja. Many people love this fruit. The secret many people are unaware of this fruit is that it is useful in treating underweight problem. To gain weight, one should consume it   three times a day. It is healthy fruit having 274 calories in one medium sized musk melon.

Apart from helping you gain weight, it helps you in obtaining essential nutrients thereby improving metabolic reactions in your body. 

  1. Include cod liver oil and green vegetables

Include cod liver oil and green vegetablesOne should not forget that there is requirement of some nutrients along with calorie dense and high fat food. Some nutrients include Vitamin D, vitamin B6, magnesium and calcium. Cod liver oil and green vegetables helps you in fulfilling dose of some nutrients.

  1. Eggs For breakfast

Eggs For breakfastBreakfast is one of the most important meals of the day. Eggs have multi-faceted benefits in providing you with fats, calories and proteins. Fats and calories help you gain weight and proteins helps in building strong muscles. For your information, one medium boiled egg gives you 78 calories and 5 gram of fat.

  1. Fruit diet with milk

Fruit diet with milkA good option to increase weight is to take fruit diet along with milk. A heavy dose of natural sugars from fruits gives you energy. Milk provides with fats, proteins and calories. One glass of milk contains an average of 1 gram of fat along with 146 calories.

An important advice for the people facing the threat of being underweight, Use milk to cook wheat bran, oatmeal etc. instead of water. Choose milk as water as it will help you in gaining weight over a period of time.

  1. Drool over your favorite mango shake

Fruit diet with milkMango shake lovers, it is time to put on some weight with increasing number of times you take mango shake in a day. It is one of the oldest and popular home remedy in gaining weight.


Tips to take home along with home Tips to take home along with home remediesremedies

  • Take small meals very frequently
  • Tracking your calorie intake becomes very important
  • Regular exercise
  • Sleep like a person who sold his horses (At least for seven hours)
  • Give a solid punch to stress

Weight Gainer Natural Home Remedies for Gaining Weight? If you have any other information, Please add in Comments.

Natural Home Remedies for Gaining Weight
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