Secret Herbs to Gain Weight that You Don’t Know


Today, when the world is facing weight gain issues, there are many who are suffering from a skinny and thin body. After making various efforts, they still don’t get the desired results. There could be various reasons for it such as loss of appetite, stress, busy schedule, and weak immune system. Whatever the reason is there should be a right solution to fight the issue.

However, you have tried various alternatives to get good body weight. It can be difficult to get good body weight after spending too much. This can make you feel sad. Isn’t it? So, what can you do to solve this problem? Don’t you think something natural and ayurvedic can help you?

Here are some natural herbs that can help you increase your body weight:

Let’s start in detail!


Fenugreek :

You might have seen it in your kitchen. This is one of the main spices of the Indian kitchen to add good flavours to your dish. But, have you heard it is also effective to maintain good weight?


This herb is quite helpful to decrease cholesterol and stabilize glucose in the blood. Moreover, fibers in it also prevent constipation and keep your stomach from any other infection. You can normally find it in your nearby grocery store.

You can take either in seeds form, capsules, or powder form. Drinking its tea form also an excellent idea to get results quickly. You have to take 1 cup of water, add 6-7 fenugreek seeds, and then boil for a few minutes. You can take it twice a day, morning and evening.

Fenugreek also contains saponins, which can improve digestion, digestive enzymes, and calories accumulation. No doubt if your digestive system, your body will remain fit.


Gooseberry (Amala) :

If we open some pages of old ayurvedic history, we will find amala is being used as one of the best remedies to treat health issues. It is highly useful to maintain your body weight as it is enriched in goodness and fibers that can help in removing toxins from your body.


Furthermore, it has an abundance of vitamin C which is good to boost your immunity. It is a powerful herb that gives power to your body to fight diseases and stay strong.


Ginger :

Ginger is another ingredient that is easily available in the Indian kitchen. For the years, it has been famous for its medicinal properties.  In Indian tradition, it is used as a remarkable remedy to treat common cold, cough, and fever.


In the northern regions of India people love to have ginger tea especially in winters. If you are a north Indian, you will surely agree to it. Ginger can increase your appetite so, in this way it can speed up the process of weight gain. If you are eating well, you are maintaining good body weight.


Custard Apple :

Although this word can be strange for some people, it is a suitable herb to gain weight. It is well-known to bring down the heat and provide cooling impact to the body. It increases the chance of weight gain and also keeps you active.


So, if you really desired to gain good weight, you must add custard apple to your diet.


Licorice :

Licorice is also known as Yashtimadhu- an effective natural supplement to gain weight.


It is highly recommended to people with the weak immune system.


Ashwagandha :

It is one of the most famous herbs in Ayurveda. You must have heard about it. Don’t you?  It works as a natural supplement, heals the stress and keep your mind relaxed. Not only does this happen with it but also it can increase your appetite. People who always complain about less body weight can take it for positive results.


You can also take Accumass – a natural Weight Gainer that contains ashwagandha as its one of the major ingredients. Additionally, it also contains amalaki – effective to good health (mentioned earlier).

You can take two scoops of Accumass Powder  with lukewarm milk in breakfast.

Along with these natural herbs, healthy diet and exercise are also recommended to quick results.


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What are you waiting for? Don’t think much, just leave your comfort zone and start working out for your body. Remember one thing; it’s only you who can take care of your health. Therefore, always do right to get right.

Secret Herbs to Gain Weight that You Don’t Know
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