The 5 Best Ways to recover loss weight from Workout

After Losing Weight, you tried a lot in gym and spend hours and day in and out for Gaining Weight. But it ends up with zero results. If you are also suffering from such situation then keep one thing in diet for weight gain you required a set of good diet, sleeping hours and rest before and after the workout. Most of the gym trainer and coaches are advised a proper rest after workout to recover the muscles. Resting and sleeping helps to recover the loss weight and muscle strength to the body. Experts advised to take a recovery week after every 3-5 weeks in the gym.

Here are 5 Best Ways to Recover Loss Weight from Workout

schedule-ample-recovery-time-between-workoutsSchedule Ample Recovery time between workouts: Ensure you have 24-72 hours rest between intense training sessions involving the same musculature. Less rest is needed between sub-maximal training sessions.After weight lifting,DOMS a common sensation felt which cause muscle tenderness, stiffness, and reduced joint range of motion, muscle flexibility and force production.


sleep-moreSleep More: Lack of adequate sleep can decrease the reduce tolerance to training,increase perception of fatigue and negatively. To recover loss weight from workout take an adequate sleep of 8-9 hours a day.


drink-water-moreDrink Water More: Drink plenty of water as dehydration can reduce performance potential and delay the recovery process. To recovery body need both water and electrolytes.


massage-your-bodyMassage your Body: Before gym time massage your body to reduce muscle stiffness and tenderness. It helps to promote circulation and relax the muscle.


take-a-nutritional-supplementTake a Nutritional Supplement: Drink a glass of milk containing Accumass weight gain granules two times a day to gain weight. Add two scoops of Accumass weight gain granules into the glass full of milk and shake well, after this Drink the delicious mixture of milk &Accumass weight gain granules.

Enjoy a healthy journey-Accumass-powder-capsules

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The 5 Best Ways to Recover Loss Weight from Workout
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3 thoughts on “The 5 Best Ways to Recover Loss Weight from Workout

  1. How to take or take to advise by physican if one time course complete after Living weight Kam to nahi ho gaa iwant to take give me proper diet any side effect will There

    1. Sir, in market 90 % of the weight gainer products are steroids and these products have side effects. But Accumass Ayurvedic weight gainer Products (Granules & capsules) are concentrated blend of natural time tested herbs that help you to achieve your fitness goals and to relieve from underweight condition. These herbs help to stabilize the hyperactivity of metabolism and to take up more macronutrients in the body, that helps in increasing the bone mass, muscle mass and bone matrix in body that ultimately increases body weight. And we suggest to please check BMI first and then to start the use Accumass. Along with this we also recommend regular exercise, yoga, walk, and aerobics along with maintaining a healthy diet. Weight gain will be gradual with time and it may vary from person to person. Weight gained once will not be lost, after you will stop using the product. Thank you for interacting with us.

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