Top 5 foods for weight gain in females


Weight gain in women?  Ahh, most of the women are obsessed with losing weight. You may not be women who want to lose weight as your peeps.

As weight loss is a challenge so is weight gain. Weight gain can be a hard struggle and a challenging task. One has to change one’s lifestyle in order to gain weight. What is the basis of gaining weight? It simple involves eating calorie surplus foods so as to provide more calories than your body can burn. It doesn’t mean you will binge on unhealthy junk food all the time to gain extra chunk of weight. Healthy eating is a prerequisite for gaining healthy weight.

What are the stats of underweight population in India? In a study published in Lancet journal, India is at the top with around 40 percent of underweight population.

A-skinny-women-tagA skinny women tag doesn’t feel good and leads to low self esteem and confidence. Not only you get unpopular amongst your relatives and friends but being underweight may give unwanted health issues as gifts. Unwanted health issues due to underweight problem are as follows-

So, my dear women! Don’t need to worry, you can weight by including these foods in your daily schedule. It is important to include diverse foods so that you get the right amount of carbohydrates, proteins and fat in your diet. These foods may pave just a right way to help you gain weight fast and safely.

Let us list top 5 foods for weight gain in female. These are as follows-

1.Proteinous Eggs


They are a natural source of protein. Along with good amount of proteins, they provide vitamin D, A and E. An average egg gives your body 65-80 calories and 6 grams of protein. Protein supplies the amino acids which are required for muscle growth and thus weight gain.

2.Healthy Milk


Most of the women do not get calcium which is good for bones and good metabolism. A high calorie diet supplemented with milk helps in boosting bone health and natural weight. A cup of milk has 146 calories and 300 mg calcium.

3.Delicious Butter


Spice your food with a one or two tablespoon of butter. 100 grams of butter gives around 650-700 calories and 81 grams of fat. And I personally feel peanut butter will go a great way in helping you gain weight.100 gram of Peanut butter gives 25 gram protein also apart from healthy calories. So you can alternate your servings of butter and peanut butter.

4. A sneak at Lean red meat


Natural weight gain admirers can take a lot of advantage from eating lean red meat. Lean meat is loaded with proteins, iron and required amount of fat. An average lean meat cut piece has around 160 calories.

5. A bunch of yellow bananas


Bananas are a healthy weight gain option. An average medium sized banana gives you 105 calories. It is considered as an excellent source for instant energy which is just a perfect intake after workout. it improves digestion and metabolism of the body thus giving you healthy weight gain.

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You can add oatmeal to your weight gain regime also. Many people associate oatmeal with weight loss diet. Well it is great for weight loss regime but it is beneficial for weight gain too. It can be ideal breakfast loaded with fiber, proteins and important nutrients. A cup of oatmeal has an average of 150 calories. So go and include oatmeal in your weight gain regime.

Include these perfect weight gain foods in your diet. For a healthy natural weight gain, it is important to exercise and stay stress free along with eating healthy. Set your daily motivational workout challenges and work for them. Do not quit because many women quit due to lack of motivation and a right direction. Start your weight gain journey by eating healthy and doing regular exercise.

All the best to all women!!!!

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Top 5 foods for weight gain in females
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